Florida Chapter of American College of Health Care Administrators

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we welcome you to ACHCA's Florida Chapter website! We are so happy that you stopped by to visit.

Our Florida Chapter continues to undergo many changes which will allow us to better serve our existing members and offer a variety of new and exciting opportunities for new members.

Our newly elected Board of Directors has a sincere commitment to creating fresh ideas and providing educational resources for the betterment of our Chapter. We are going through a so-called metamorphosis, which can be seen in our improved methods of member recruitment; enhancements to the programs offered and better networking capabilities for the healthcare professional.

If you are not already a member, we invite you to join the Florida Chapter. The healthcare field is forever changing and staying informed is the key. The input we receive from Chapter members and our collaborative efforts to improve the offerings of this organization will help us become the leading edge for Healthcare Administrators.

- Allen F. Yearick, President

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Member Benefits

Make Your Mark
We need to make an effort as a healthcare professional to add to the growth and development of this field. The ACHCA Florida Chapter can help you make meaningful contributions to our profession. We want our members to leave the healthcare profession (and our association) better than when we entered it.

We Are All Connected
ACHCA provides a Peer-to-Peer hotline, available daily, to ask questions, invite suggestions, or provide real world examples from fellow healthcare administrators to help you solve any problem. This forum is an incredible resource for those in our field and a lively space for anybody to introduce new and innovative ideas!

Everybody Grows as an Individual
In addition to helping you make a contribution to the profession as a whole, a professional organization like ACHCA gives you an individual opportunity to grow your expertise within your network and be a better administrator for your facility, your network of peers, and yourself.

Earn CEUs
Keep your certifications up-to-date or earn new ones by taking courses, attending seminars, and obtaining CEUs through national and regional conferences with ACHCA and our partner associations (Florida Health Care Association, FMDA- The Florida Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care, and the Florida Association Directors of Nursing Administration).

Communicate With Your Peers
As a professional association, you will have the opportunity to create and develop relationships with other colleagues that may be mutually beneficial for years to come. Communication and networking is a vital aspect of any profession and the ACHCA offers the capacity to fill this role within your career.

Earn Your Stripes
Develop your professional prestige by becoming certified or advancing to "Fellow" status in our association; you will be regarded as a more accomplished professional within your field! Additionally, potential employers will recognize this achievement and possibly offer a more lucrative compensation package for your services, should you be in the market for a new job or promotion.

Become a Member!
If you would like to further explore membership opportunities (there are a lot of them!), you can visit the National ACHCA Chapter Website. As a member of ACHCA residing and working in the state of Florida, you will be automatically a member of the Florida Chapter of ACHCA. Additionally, the Florida Chapter has it's own monthly newsletter that you can access here. Check it out for all the latest news and events within our chapter!

Board of Directors

Allen F. Yearick, MHA, NHA
FL Chapter Board Member

Karen Northover, BS, NHA
FL Chapter Board Member
Vice President

Jerry Remedor, NHA
FL Chapter Board Member

David G. Wolf, Ph.D., FACHCA
FL Chapter Board Member
Academic Seat Board Member, National ACHCA

Julie Prins, Ph.D., NHA
FL Chapter Board Member

Reginal Washington, MBA, NHA
FL Chapter Board Member

Ranyouri Senia, Ph.D, NHA
FL Chapter Board Member

Kathy Hyer, PhD., MPP
FL Chapter Board Member
Professor, USF, Aging Studies

Suresh V. Pai, MBA, NHA
FL Chapter Board Member

Frances P. Scogna, MBA, CNHA
FL Chapter Board Member

Marc Altholz, EVP
FL Chapter Board Affiliate
Partners Pharmacy

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